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    Laura Dituri, LMT

    Step into Laura’s world of healing, where her professional journey unfolds across Connecticut, Colorado, and Cozumel, Mexico, shaping a career dedicated to well being.

    Beginning in Connecticut, Laura laid the foundation for her life’s work, and after transformative years in Colorado, and a significant chapter in Cozumel, she returned home, armed with a wealth of life experiences.

    In 1994, she graduated from the Colorado School of Healing Arts as a certified massage therapist, expanding her expertise with Sports massage and Reiki, showcasing her commitment to growth.

    Beyond the massage table, Laura finds fulfillment in helping others discover a path to improved health and happiness, recently extending her focus to Trauma Touch Therapy, marking a new chapter in her journey.

    In her dynamic world, Laura has participated in running and cycling events, competed in triathlons, and embraces outrigger canoeing.
    Laura’s unique approach to healing is an inviting blend of education, experience, and connection.

    Welcome to Laura’s world, where healing is a personal journey shared with each individual seeking a path to growth and self-discovery.
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