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  • Jennifer Brubacher, LMSW

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    I am grateful and honored to work in the field of wellbeing and mental health and I love empowering people to take a leading role in their own healing process. My goal is to create an accepting, compassionate and warm environment, and work collaboratively towards your goals. We will work to identify and build on your existing strengths and wisdom and also explore thinking patterns, behaviors, and beliefs to foster greater self-understanding and increase tools that support personal vitality and flourishing.

    I am committed to a holistic framework of integrating self-compassion and curiosity as guiding principles to increase internal self-awareness as well as the embodied experience. I often incorporate mindfulness and grounding techniques to build emotion-regulation skills that can enhance your ability to navigate your environment and external stressors. I might draw from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Somatic Body-based Techniques, and Positive Psychology concepts that align with current neuroscience research regarding rewiring the brain/body response. I also believe in the therapeutic benefits of connecting with nature, creative expression, and laughter.

    I have experience working with the mental and emotional impact of inadequate resources, parenting, anxiety, coping with stress, life transitions, chronic pain, women’s health issues, cancer support, and adjusting to a medical diagnosis.

    I look forward to working with you!