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  • Dr. Autumn Cussen

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    Specific Chiropractic- Milford, CT

    Dr. Autumn is a pediatric chiropractor who specializes in prenatal, pediatric, and family wellness care. She has dedicated over 200 hours of additional training to pediatrics so that she can provide the highest level of care to her patients. Dr. Autumn is also certified in Webster Technique through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). Webster’s is a gentle, safe, and effective technique used primarily with pregnant women to relieve uterine stress to allow for optimum growth and development for both mamma and baby. Dr. Autumn’s focus is working with the nervous system to allow the body to adapt to day-to-day stressors (i.e. work stress, back to school stress, posture changes, sitting/standing for long periods, friends and family stress) so you can continue to function and heal as you were always designed to.

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