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  • Desiree Caporaso, LCSW

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    People seek therapeutic support for several reasons, regardless of what brings you here, it is my hope to provide you with a space that is warm, welcoming, and safe.  My approach is first and foremost, to meet you where you are, to learn your intentions and to respond in a way that is nonjudgmental, reflective, and supportive.  I am strengths based and solution focused.

    I am passionate about helping individuals in the perinatal and postpartum periods of life, as well as navigating challenges in parenting, anxiety, and depression.  My years of collaborative work in the community means I can help navigate accessing resources and I have expertise in navigating the judicial and child welfare systems.

    You do not have to live with your thoughts and struggles alone, I believe in helping others see the worth and value in themselves.

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