Yoga Schedule

Vinyasa Flow Saturdays at 9 am- Come bring your awareness within as you match movement with breath in our vinyasa flow class. Open to all levels. 
Yoga for Everyone Tuesdays at 6 pm– Want to flow through poses build strength and flexibility or would you like a deep stretch to open up tight hips and shoulders, maybe both?  Jeannie will customize the class to suit your needs. Open to all levels.
Yin-Yasa Yoga Wednesdays at 6 pm- The Ying Yang practice encompasses the active nature of yang and the passive receptive nature of yin. While yang stimulates the muscle groups, thereby opening up the gateway to the tendons, fascia and connective tissues, Yin deepens this opening to the point of transformation. Yin goes where Yang cannot. 
Prenatal Yoga Thursdays at 6 pm and Sundays at 11 am– Come and bond with your baby and nourish your changing body through poses and restorative meditations. Open to beginners and women in all trimesters! 
Mommy & Me Yoga Mondays at 10 am- Connect with your baby and reconnect with your own practice in our Mommy and Me class. Meant for infants 6 weeks to crawling.
Family Yoga First Saturday of each month at 11 am– This monthly kid-friendly class makes yoga fun for the whole family. Children love the poses and benefit from learning mindfulness. 


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