Michelle Pagliarella

Michelle Pagliarella

Yoga Instructor

Possessing a nomadic nature and infectious sense of humor, Michelle Pagliarella has been practicing yoga for 20 years. Living bi-coastal for decades, she has experienced fully a multitude of cultures as well as developed a keen sixth sense throughout her travels.. Drawing sensitivity from past challenges, she’s able to tap into intuitively what her students want at any given time. Truly a rare gift, Michelle doesn’t take the yogic path lightly.

Knowing that yoga is a marriage between body and mind/spirit, Michelle expresses this union in a Vinyasa flow that encapsulates softness and strength. Her philosophy is that you need to be soft in order to be strong; echoing the ancient saying “you need to be like bamboo, firmly rooted, yet flexible”. Students have expressed that watching Michelle teach is like watching an underwater dance. Her belief is that the linking of breath with movement, as in traditional Vinyasa flow, allows the student to tap into their own wellspring of creativity and power. It is from this place where Michelle’s strength as a teacher becomes apparent. She has the unique, disarming quality that commands trust from her devotees, while remaining a fierce companion to her students in their exploration of untapped potential.

A Registered E-200-hour and 300-hour (yoga therapy) Yoga Teacher, along with 1500 hours of teaching, Michelle has trained with many Eastern healers in Seattle, Portland (OR), San Francisco, Providence, RI, NYC and CT. She is also a 100-hour Certified Meditation Teacher, a Reiki 2 Practitioner, has a B.S in psychology, lives a cruelty-free lifestyle, is an accomplished vegan chef and is Buddhist.


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