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  • Beth Patella

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    Recreational Therapist

    Beth is a Recreational Therapist and Certified Sound Healing Practitioner, as well as, a seasoned performer and teacher with over 20 years experience. Beth has a Bachelor’s Degree (SCSU) in Music and German and a Master’s Degree in both Recreational Therapy (SCSU) and Education (UNH). Presently, Beth is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Social Work at Sacred Heart University, located in Fairfield, CT and will graduate in 2023. In her therapeutic practice, Beth uses Sound Therapy and Animal Assisted Interventions as her two, main therapeutic modalities and is Director of Animal Assisted Therapy Services, Inc., located in Milford, CT. Beth has led many workshops and lectures involving the use of integrated therapies at prestigious institutions, including Yale University. In addition, Beth is on the Board Of Directors for Helios Hospice Care located in Oneonta, NY and is an Adjunct Professor at SCSU in the Recreation and Leisure Department. Beth is proficient in voice, piano, and guitar and has completed two singer-songwriter albums, which have earned very high praise throughout the music industry. Beth mainly resides on a small farm in upstate New York, where she raises and trains the majority of her therapy animals, as well as, enjoys her farm-to-table living with her organic gardens and livestock. See more about the Animal Assisted Therapy offered on-site at Women’s Wellness on her website


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